Obtain authorizations in a sound,
prompt and legal way

With the aid of professionals from the most
reliable consulting company
without denials and delays
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Analysis of technical documentation
Free preliminary analysis of technical documentation in multiple languages
Instant obtainment process
Electronic workflow allows to start the authorization obtainment process instantly
Turn-key obtainment
All authorizations are obtained on a turn-key basis
Our own translator
We employ a translator with fluency in multiple languages
Free courier delivery
Free courier delivery in Moscow
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Trustworthy partnerships

We have gained a reputation of a reliable and
honest company with these government agencies.

Over the years of close cooperation, we established trustworthy partnerships with the government bodies
and discovered all their tacit rules, which allows us to effectively handle the most difficult cases.
Ministry of Industry and Trade
Federal Security Service
Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation
Federal Service for Technical and Export Control
Federal Supervision Service for Information Technologies, Communications and Mass Media
Ministry of Internal Affairs
​​Main Radio Frequency Center
Ministry of Communications
The Federal Agency for Communications
Federal Service for Accreditation
Workflow stages

Just provide a product description
and leave the rest to us

Our cooperation comes down to a few plain and simple steps
Send us
a product
Receive a business quotation in 2 days
Send us a digital scan of the signed agreement and pay for the selected service
Receive the draft documents for verification and sign them according to our instructions
Tell us when our courier can pick up the signed documents
Wait on confirmation that we obtained the required authorization. It will take less than 20 days
Receive a digital scan of the authorization via e-mail and choose how the original should be delivered
Safely ship your goods and receive customs clearance
Problem solving

Here are 10 reasons to choose us

We help our clients achieve their goals with maximum effectiveness.

Free and prompt analysis.

We conduct a technical analysis on the same day that we receive a request.

Swift service delivery.

We prepare drafts of applications and corresponding documents within 1 work day and  receive authorizations ahead of statutory processing schedules.

Individual approach.

Each client has a personal manager who always stays in touch and in the loop.

High qualification.

Our specialists have a firm grasp of foreign-trade and customs legislation as well as know all legal nuances and pitfalls.


We aim at building long-term and mutually trustworthy partnerships.

High level of service.

We keep to the same high standards when we partner with both large international corporations and small businesses.

Flexible pricing.

We use a discount system and always meet the client halfway when it comes to prices and payment terms.

Online processing.

The use of electronic workflow allows us to instantly set to work.

No staff turnovers.

We are scrupulous on the matters of staff recruitment and working environment: we employ excellent specialists on a long-term basis.

We know tacit rules.

Normative legal acts do not cover all the paperwork requirements imposed by government agencies.
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Convenient logistics

No matter where you are—we deliver worldwide


We have a full-time courier, which allows us to deliver documents in Moscow free of charge.

Russia and other countries

Find your city on the map to see the approximate cost of delivery via an express carrier. We can also send the documents by the Russian Post free of charge. It usually ranges between $10 and $30.

Calculate how much the required service will cost.

Upload a product description file, enter a city for delivery
and we will calculate the price of the selected service with the delivery fee included.
Press the upload button to attach a product description file
Maximum size 6 Мб
Formats doc, pdf, txt, xlsx
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Be cautious—there are a lot of fraudsters
in the market that sell forged authorizations

Our sphere is prone to frequent occurrences of fly-by-night
companies that aim to make super-profits within a short time
and offer to obtain authorizations of doubtful nature at low prices.
Partnering with this kind of companies might lead to unwanted
consequences such as administrative fines or even criminal prosecution.
To avoid fraudsters, note the following disturbing signs:
There are no
recommendations from partners
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You are asked
to provide your
company stamp
2/ 7
The prices
of services are too low
3/ 7
Claims to obtain
authorizations in a suspiciously short time
4/ 7
Excessive encouragement
by referring to contacts
and connections
5/ 7
You receive offers
of shady schemes and refusals
to take any liability
6/ 7
Inability to guarantee
the authenticity of authorizations
7/ 7
About our company

Company profile —
another argument in our favor

Video about our values and objectives
from Velox Hint co-founders
1 : 36
Velox Hint carries out successful business activities aimed at providing customs consulting services such as preparation, obtainment and registration of authorizations required import various goods into the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).
Guided by the statements reflected in our mission, we defined the following objectives
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Our goals:

Promoting better interaction between the business environment and government authorities;
Earning a reputation of a reliable business partner and a professional consulting company;
Providing high-quality services within the shortest time possible;
Mentoring highly qualified staff capable of completing any task;
Building long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships based on trust, transparency and professionalism;
Developing friendly operating environment for domestic and foreign businesses that interact with customs and other government authorities.

We are proud
to have earned trust of these companies


German logistics company


The South Korean electronics manufacturer


German automobile concern


The South Korean electronics manufacturer


Search engine and Internet portal


German manufacturer of electronics and machinery


Russian manufacturer of computer equipment


A leading Russian it distributor


Russian system integrator


Gorky automobile plant


German manufacturer of cleaning equipment


Server and network equipment supplier


Customs and Logistics Broker

Do not hesitate to contact
us if you have any questions

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