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We carry out successful business activities
aimed at providing customs consulting services
notifications have been registered
for our customers
this year
products have been added to the
register of radio-electronic items
and high-frequency devices
new agreements
have been concluded
last year
€2 млрд
is the total cost
of goods that have been
imported with our authorizations
free consultations were
given on the initial appeals
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Video about our values and objectives
from Velox Hint co-founders
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Velox Hint carries out successful business activities aimed at providing customs consulting services such as preparing, obtaining and registering authorizations required for importation of various goods into the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).
Guided by the statements reflected in our mission, we defined the following objectives
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Our objectives

Promoting better interaction between the business environment and government authorities
Earning reputation of a reliable business partner and a professional consulting company
Providing high-quality services within the shortest time possible
Mentoring highly qualified staff capable of completing any task
Building long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships based on trust, transparency and professionalism
Developing friendly operating environment for domestic and foreign businesses that interact with customs and other government authorities
Our mission

Our company rests on the
system of principles and values

While founding Velox Hint, we developed a mission based
on principles and values that determine the main vector of our company
activity and its basic criteria of operation.
Simplify business operations
Today, when participation in international trade is legislatively complicated by numerous bureaucratic barriers, the market of consulting services needs a company that can promote better interaction between business environment and government agencies, including customs authorities.
With that said, one of our basic principles became simplification of foreign economic activities carried out both by Russian companies that interact with customs or other government authorities and foreign exporters that are planning to conduct their business operations in the territory the EEU. At the same time, it is highly important for us to earn good reputation with our partners and governmental officials, so we always strive to solve a problem in a way that is acceptable for our customer and compliant with all legislative requirements of the EEU and each government institution.
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Long-term partnerships
The matter of prices is not an obstacle for us because we are not chasing after super-profits. This is the reason why our partners can always be sure that they always receive as many services as they really need. But despite our flexible pricing policy, we always keep to the highest quality standards in our work.
We aim to prove to be a reliable business partner aiming for long-term and mutually beneficial business partnerships based on trust, transparency and professionalism.
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Team of professionals
We understand that the high quality of services we deliver is mainly dependent on our team of professionals. Therefore, we never leave our employees’ efforts without proper attention and encouragement.
Trying to fully unfold the potential of each and every one of them, we ensure an individual approach to employees and use an effective bonus scheme developed with deep involvement of all team members. It is equally important for us to improve the corporate climate, promote good relationships between the employees, build intra-corporate ethics and strengthen the team spirit.
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We are proud of our
professional team

Samvel Mantashyan

General Director

Dmitry Makhno

Technical Director

Svetlana Stepanova

Financial Director

Artem Karakeshishyan

Senior specialist of certification group

Goleta Hanyahyan

Head of administrative Department

Irina Dubolazova

Senior specialist of the permitting documentation group

Alla Vasilyeva


Andrew Volovik

Technical expert

Ekaterina Basova

Head of HR Department

Angelina Kirienko

Head of Department of interaction with state bodies

Alexander Fokin

The expert group permits

Anna Sharifullina

Specialist group permits

Natalia Kalashnikova

Head of customs clearance Department

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