Radio frequency equipment (RF) authorization in Russia

Learn how to obtain type approval required to import telecommunications equipment and wireless devices into Russia



It is well known that electronic and electrical devices that emit radio frequency energy may create interference to each other. Moreover, different countries can allocate various radio frequency bands for the same communication services. Installation of incorrectly configured radio transmitters that transmit signals in bands not intended for them will highly likely lead to disruption to normal operation of legitimate RF devices. It is for this very reason that most countries usually regulate the use of radio frequency spectrum and require that RF devices be tested for compliance with local regulations prior to marketing and importation. 

Russian legislation distinguishes two types of radio frequency equipment: radio-electronic items and high frequency devices. Radio-electronic items use freely propagating radio waves to transmit and receive information (e.g. cell phones, automotive radars, wireless routers, satellite terminals). High frequency devices are electrical appliances that employ radio frequency radiation for industrial, scientific, medical, household and any other purposes except for data transmission (e.g. microwave ovens, wood dryers, MRI systems, surgical coagulators).

Before importing an RF device into Russia, an importer must apply for an equipment authorization. The equipment authorization procedure comprises three stages. First, the importer needs to obtain a permit for temporary import and use the permit to bring a working product sample. Second, the importer prepares an application for equipment authorization and submits it to the laboratory accredited to test RF devices. This laboratory verifies the contents of the application and then asks to provide a product sample to conduct radio measurements. If the parameters of the RF device comply with Russian regulations, the laboratory issues a test report and approval. Finally, the importer uses the approval to include the RF device into the unified and publicly accessible register of radio-electronic items and high frequency devices.

The RF equipment authorization can be applied for by a legal entity, private entrepreneur or an individual registered in the territory of Russia. It is also worth noting that the unified register of radio-electronic items and high frequency devices only contains information about the product name and manufacturer, but not about the applicant. It means that once an equipment authorization has been granted, it can be used to import the product by any legal entity or individual residing in Russia.

If you are planning to import goods that contain radio-electronic items or high frequency devices into Russia, we can help you prepare all the necessary paperwork and arrange for the accredited laboratory to conduct radio measurements. 


Service cost

    • The price of one RF equipment authorization is $2000
Up to 30 days
Lead time

Conducted work

We will make all the arrangements required to include products in the unified register of radio-electronic items and high frequency devices:

  • apply for a permit for temporary import;
  • apply for an equipment authorization (our experts will arrange for the testing laboratory to conduct measurements);
  • include the product in the register of radio-electronic items and high frequency devices.

Required information

You will only need to provide:

  • list of product models and names;
  • manufacturing company name, address and phone number;
  • HS code (if necessary, our experts can pick out an appropriate code);
  • working product sample.

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