Representation of interests in court

The service includes preparation of all necessary documents and participation in court sessions


Many companies involved in foreign economic activities (FEA), are often faced with unlawful actions of customs and other government agencies in the import and export of goods. In the process of customs release of goods, importers and exporters may have problems with adjusting the real customs value, changing the code of the FEACN of the EAEU, illegal retention of goods in a temporary storage warehouse( TSW), illegal seizure and confiscation, or the demand for unnecessary documents. Often companies are forced to agree with all actions and omissions of the customs inspector, as they believe that they can not to resist the state machine. Until recently, this has led to colossal losses for entrepreneurs. However, in connection with the integration of the Russian Federation into the global the economy and the creation of supranational unions are gradually changing and the system of protection of interests entrepreneurs, and defending their rights through the courts is becoming a normal practice. Our mission as a company is to have the necessary tools and resources for the right, legally competent expression of the position in court, - to help participants of foreign trade activities to achieve observance of the rights and the correct judicial assessment of actions and omissions of customs authorities.

Conducted work

To get started, you just need to call us or send an e-mail a brief description of the situation and all available documents related to it. We will then contact you immediately to resolve your legal issue.

If you are faced with any of the above illegal actions in relation to Your company, then immediately contact us-professionals who know all the subtleties of the work and unspoken demands of the courts. Our legal Department «DEPUST» guaranteed to be able to defend Your rights.


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