02 October 2019

New rules for temporary importation of radio equipment

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From the end of September foreign trade participants are massively denied permits for temporary importation of goods that contain radio-electronic items (REIs) and high-frequency devices (HFDs). The reason for the denials is nonconformity of applications with the prescribed form.

New rules for temporary importation of radio equipment image 1

An administrative policy of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor), which introduced a unified procedure for admission of REIs and HFDs in cases other than importation, took force on August 25, 2019. However, Roskomnadzor had been issuing authorizations based on the obsolete application form until the very end of September.

One of the novelties that came with the enactment of the new policy is a single application form that covers such customs procedures as temporary importation for testing, demonstrating at exhibitions and arranging public events, reimport for completing outward processing, as well as inward processing and processing for domestic consumption.

Another important point to note is that now an importer who wishes to place REIs or HFDs under the customs procedure of temporary admission must also provide a document that explains the purpose of admission. It can be either a sample testing agreement with a laboratory or a document that confirms participation in a public event for which the REIs or HFDs are being imported.


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