Import of dual-use goods and technologies into Russia

Learn how to import dual-use goods and technologies into Russia



In 1996 Russia joined the Wassenaar Arrangement that was established to promote responsibility in international trade in dual-use goods and technologies. Dual-use goods and technologies are initially developed for civil applications, but can potentially be used military purposes due to their properties or other capabilities. It is for this reason that Russia imposes certain restrictions on the import of dual-use goods and technologies.

All dual-use goods are specified in 6 decrees signed by the President of the Russian Federation. They include toxic substances, radar height finders (radio altimeters), high-power lasers, encryption items, magnetrons, etc. Each clause of a decree contains product names and a list of corresponding properties that the product must have to be considered as dual-use goods.

To import dual-use goods an importer must apply for a license. The application usually contains a product name, list of models, HS code, specifications, intended area of application and other information. The paperwork work is processed by a special committee consisting of representatives from various defense and law enforcement agencies. The processing usually takes for up to 45 days, but this period may be extended. If all the documents are correct and the committee does not have grounds to believe that the goods will be used for any purposes other than mentioned in the application, the importer receives an import license.

If you are planning to import dual-use goods or technologies into Russia, we can help you prepare all the paperwork and apply for a license.


Service cost

    • The price of one import license is $1000

Conducted work

In 1-2 days we prepare all the documents required to register an import license:

  • application;
  • cover letter;
  • letter of declaration;
  • power of attorney;
  • technical description.
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